Wednesday, March 11, 2009

always on my mind

for some reason i've been thinking about this day and time alot was probably the best chunk of life...i lived in tahoe for the summer sprouts grandma sneaking into pools kissing boys road trips to huntington spray painting, then provo with julie law and order s.v.u homemade quesidillas crocheting, then idaho with corine before she left on her mish onebedroom apt. candles starfishing mace practice mish runs at the door.. then thailand with justy soo much food sunburns fights swimmng and shopping and beach massages then summer with ash and nicole...days spent at beauty school with u two fixing the house eating the most of my life telling eachother how pretty we were dancing to fergie and for some reason this day was like the last memory of that stretch of time and i can't remember ever being happier...i miss it and i miss al my besties right now ...ash...remember when u ordered a side of mandarin oranges on top of all of our other food we snuck in to the movie and for some reason we thought it was the funniest thing ever? thanks for making us look pretty kelly


  1. sunshine, a good tan, girlfriends, rexburg, food....i love memories.

  2. Oh I miss this so much. The best girl time history has ever seen. That was so fun. I remember going to the movies, we ordered so much food. Taking pictures and laying on the blanket while Kelly's baby girl made us laugh ( I forget her name ). Good days spent in Rexburg. Love you.

  3. HEY! ! ! ! ! WHERE'S 'MY' PICTURE?!?!? Miss you!