Thursday, March 19, 2009

if i'm gonna be brunette-i"ll do it with a bang(s)

miss jupiter? no sorry you must have me confused with someone else. i (prefer silk spector)
remember those bangs i wanted? well i couldn't hold out... when it comes to hair i can't resist change...speaking of which all this laying out is making me antsy for my light hair back....but the bangs make me feel better about the brown. and i was never big on my forehead any ways.
thanks doug


  1. UMMM! Yes. Yes. You and Bangs are BEAUTIFUL together. Shauna Morse. You've done it again. Look at the jaw line...perfect compliment to the straight across bang. Love you dude. Your hair is getting so long.

  2. I love this. Keep doing this. You are super beautiful, sexy. love the bangs.

  3. haha love it! my sis meg just did that too! very brave, i likey.

  4. I KNEW it would look ahhhhmazing!