Wednesday, April 1, 2009


sometimes people dissapoint and humans are lame and boys can be you and a bestie hide away, curl up with yummy food <-i totaly cooked this ..and watch girly movies all day long in sweats and dirty hair, until you are ready to go back out and deal with life...sorta .....

but sometimes your friends are real nice and send you presents,
do your resume, lay on the beach with you and do not remind you of your lack of job or plans...but let you enjoy the sun...everyday...write you paper letters(i still need to mail my response j, sorry it was like forever ago) answer the phone at work (mind you 911)when you have (non) you inbetween classes to say hi, and do not get mad when you are an hour and a half late...
and then you remember that you like humans after all...(just certain ones the most)


  1. oh shauna...i miss eating cookie dough with you, and lying on the beach with you, and watching you get "shot" to ave maria, and just being with you...come back

  2. im gonna miss you..and all your comet smelling, pavement licking goodness

  3. a)the food on your post made me hungry
    b)it also made me miss all my best friends
    c)it made me sad that my name wasn't on your link list
    d)i really want you to make me a ring
    e)i think you're really talented and I never had any idea! (I mean, the extent of it)
    f)i also want some original shauna m art on my wall. something really abstract. think it over. :)