Sunday, April 5, 2009

check please

a friend recently pointed out that you are supposed to put things on your blog about yourself so that people can snoop and that i was failing to do in the true since of usher these are my confessions...

1. i heart lists...and keeping books of them

2. i love the smell of comet...if i hadn't researched and found out it burns the lining of your esophagus down to colin i would eat it...i crave shivers in the jaw crave

3. i was a mud eater as a child and sometimes still cannot control the urge to lick a rock...or the pavemment by brits pool (when it has pool water on it anyways)

4. i only can sing on one loud volume

5. i have never had a boyfriend...ever

6. i am real concieted about my friends and am bad at making new ones cuz i am convinced there is no way they are as cool as the ones i already have

6. i hate exercize with every fiber of my being...and love sleep to the same extremity

7. i love my jewlery like animal fanatics love their pets...and get equaly upset when i lose some

8. i am allergic to my tears...i prefer to cry in a closet...both literally

9. ten seems to be too many things about me...bad call...but you can't stop at 8...

10. i have had a crush on michael jordan since before kindergarden


  1. Shauna, look at your long perfect hair. And i love you. and i forgot that you are allergic to tears and you just reminded me and it made me laugh. i love you to death and i never tell you to your face cause how gooey is that. but i do. i miss you. this list makes me real missy of you. real.

  2. and those are all the reasons i love you. serious.

  3. you look supra hot in that picture

  4. I can't take this. I'm missing you like crazy. get closer now.