Thursday, April 16, 2009

the r button on my computer keeps not working

which makes me feel like my lisp is tuwning digital...ugh
also my life is supa fun lately...mostly thanks to E...

THIS LAST WEEK go lakers!!! but more imprtantly dr dre was there!! i was obsessed..and too scared to ask for a picture

why yes i have been lightning my hair...thanks to this cute girl ...who i also got to go here with last week!!

THIS WEEKEND excited..already overhelmed and jealous of all the cute clothes i will see...i just know it...i cant help it i am craving shopping something bad these days...did i mention we were v.i.p..sorry had to would really would

thanks em !!!! this weekend is gonna be so so fun
this whole post was one big brag...but i did admit to a lisp and had to push the r button extra hard?
i had to though i am only in california for ten more days!!!


  1. We gotta make the most of the few days you have left in CA so you will come baaaaaack! I cant wait til tonight when the adventure begins! Woooo!
    <3 E

  2. you live the dream life in the o.c.!!!! where/need coachella ellla ella ela pix

    <3 boho earthy