Saturday, March 26, 2011

help...two things...that's a lie three...

one.i found these oldies and even though i am now kinda agaisnt this style (you know why) i still like these...(the subjects are ashley and kirby)

2. i really want an online portfolio of stuff i make and shoot for job applications and have no clue how to or where to fnd someone to make me and names please...also if possible i would like it to only be viewed by people i send the link to...but i digress
3. did a brazilian blowout...which i am always a cheerleader for...but somewhere in the last few years of life i've become someone with thin hair (why did i hate thick hair and skinniness in highschool...i deserve whatever punishment i get) now i have thin straight hair and have no idea how to do i know all my friends have hoards of hair inspiration send them my way ....please....and thanks


  1. Wash wash wash with clarifying shampoo a lot!

  2. so about the portfolio...i can't help you with the hair because since i had audio my hair is falling out by the handful. literally. not an exaggeration. brian just got a free layout online. i think it is wordpress. you just have to pay for a domain name. he can totally help you if you want. brian's site is just to show you that even the free ones can look pretty good.