Tuesday, March 15, 2011

all the hope that i have sent to you

you can turn it if you want but its intended sideways like the top one..this is one of the few times i prefer the original over a photo of it...i think it is a little softer in real life then in photos..the white stamps are stamped mushrooms from the backyard...and yup still not over ripping paper apparently
oh and its a drawing from one of miss maile's self portrait photos (the photo was originally more upside down just to be noted)... she is as pretty as she is talented...and if you are a hair fan you will wanna stalk her
 for sure


  1. I wish I had you in my pocket.

  2. i love when you do drawings like this!

  3. I love this! Are you interested in doing something like this using one of Frederick's cute expressions? I do have a birthday coming up...

  4. It is absolutely beautiful Shauna!! Wow, you are talented! I am impressed!!