Tuesday, March 1, 2011


so i have had a bit of a girl crush on this cute girl for awhile and i think she's so funny and lispy and i like a girl who can hold her own in the comedy world which i feel she will
and normally i side with brunettes...and just realized almost all my girl crushes are brunettes (giselle is not a crush she's a lifetime love)

but how stunning is her blonde hair!!!!

she looks so cute with it and i am totally tempted by it and want to be so  blonde now

but even as i say it i kinda cant wait for her to do dark brown next...i think it'll be equal or better...and i just can't see her staying blonde forever
also nicole and i used to play what famous girls we would be frinds with...i'd let her in the group...as long as cole ok's it of course
also i don't really wanna talk about it but i may try not to tan (so much?) this summer...so maybe going lighter will make me feel darker? i cant promise this though i'm so in love with a good tan


  1. i adore her humor in both movies i've seen her in. she kills it. and i about dropped it when i saw her blonde hotness on the red carpet. best move.

    and get real shauna...you wear tan better than anyone i know. don't let me down this summer.

  2. Ok but who is she? I can't figure it out.

  3. mags its emma stone...zombieland? house bunny easy A

  4. ola vc/seu blog ganhou o selo da amizade veja nessa pag http://ip-vlog.blogspot.com/2011/03/primeiro-selo-da-amizade.html