Thursday, April 1, 2010


so i am still behind on this thing...but am in portland...and this is completely not relevant but dave sent me emails of campbell in her headband i made her...cute headband...cuter girl...she is such a tadpole and sooo sweet...and i feel that sense of associated pride of her birth cuz i was at their house babysitting basically she couldn't have been born with out me pretty much...oh and jen too...


  1. real cute headband!
    really cute baby

  2. AWWWWW!!!!! THAT's the cutest. i video chatted with the Bournes and they showed off your headband. It is so cute on Campbell. I have hardly seen any pictures so I'm glad you posted this one. I wanna hear all about portland and see pictures too!

  3. I want a headband. Like really bad.

  4. sarah i made one for b! its way too small now but i will totally do one for her...i only make em for pretty babies so your in! i will call you when i gt back for hr head inches

  5. oh shauna. you're killing me! that headband! adorable. and campbells cute.
    when i move we're gonna have to take those cute bourne kids out on dates.

    oh. i wanna hear all about Portland! funnnn.

  6. Shauna,
    You are an awesome headband maker and middle of the night babysitter, even if I have to call your house and wake up your mom in order to get you up.

  7. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  8. hey shauna,

    love the headband. i would like to make one for marisa's little girl that is due in sept. will you email me the pattern?

    have fun in thailand!