Monday, April 19, 2010

reindeer love

so for valentines day (told you i was behind) my nephews made me these valentine reindeer antlers..
i mean duh they are obviously they are valentines antlers...not to be confused with say easter antlers or halloween antlers or packing day antlers...i love these boys...and my antlers... and the v-day card with a note saying congratulations on working out...


  1. really cute picture of you. i love your hair (style and color...turns out not brushing it pays off). ps- thank you for the nice comment on my blog. you're nice. and pretty.

  2. you should wear valentines antlers more often.
    i dig the look.

    pretty as ever.

  3. i just gasped at how tan you are and how purrrrfect your hair looks. oh boy.

  4. everyone calm not really this tan...its just an indoor shady shot so i appear tanner than i really am...but will soon be this tan so go ahead and freak out i guess