Thursday, August 5, 2010


when my brother and i were younger we would carve nike swooshes into our ankles with exacto knives to make us run faster and jump higher* ...totally normal **

so it was only fitting that we snuck away for a minute to check out the portland nike town while in the home state of the nike campus
and my very first crush had his very own room
they told me no photos when they saw my camera but ...I HAVE TO SEE MICHAEL I'M IN LOVE WITH HIM (jules and corine i hope you got that girl reference)
*it works best in the summer so you can tan around the scab ...its much more visible when you pick it off that know just if you wanted to try it for some extra speed or something
** also i know it works cuz this handsome brother of mine can dunk with either hand or both taking off from either foot (and he's only 5'11'' don't think it's a height card...not that 5'11'' is short dave) suck on that doubters


  1. i love Michael Jordan. I love Nike. and I think the Nike campus is the dopest place ever. Cool you gotta go.
    and i really wish you had a nike scar on your foot.

  2. ha, i forgot how in love with todd we used to be....