Tuesday, August 17, 2010

sweet dreams till sunbeams find you

another bestie married
she made a beautiful bride...duh
i helped and was in charge of getting flowers there...and they actually made it...which is double amazing given the fact that i was taking pictures of them while driving on the freeway...atleast i wasn't texting
windswept bridesmaids
karen did such a good job on the all the flowers! and this morning i woke up craving their cake...sooo good

love you so so much moose i'm so glad we are best friends and im glad you found a good husband to love you're gonna be an amazing wife!


  1. OOOh I LOVE the pictures Shauna-face. You were such an amazing bridesmaid! If that could be a career I would say go for it. P.S. Did I tell you that you are such a great friend and loooved having you at my wedding? Fact I did! I'll have to tell you about the Dominican Republic...