Tuesday, August 31, 2010

paper or plastic

so for britts bridesmaids gifts she gave each "maid" a flower for her hair...i was in charge of packaging....
tags for the flowers...
say what you will about embossing...my love for it is as strong as it was in 1994...and yes i still have the dryer thing for it

i thought it would be a cute picture to hang all these from my window beam to take a picture...which is probably true..about as true as the fact i have the worlds worst balance and then proceeded to fall knocking over my beloved grass (to em's literal delight...such an earth hater) getting dirt all over my carpet like in the adds they have where they are always throwing dirt and wine on everything...oh and managing to smack my head on my bed, knee on my dresser, and shoulder on a laundry basket...

so then i just took a picture of a pile of them. i had all the burlap and felt flowers from when darci and i had a burlap felt obsession....a pretty big obsession i might add


  1. simply amazing. i love it all. consider yourself hired for anything i need. well, you + kristine. because you're both cute and creative. britt is lucky to have had your help.

  2. will you be my MOH?

    gorgeous pics btw. impressed with all of it!