Wednesday, August 18, 2010

coming to earth day

julie i am so glad you were born and that we came to earth at the same time...i wanted to take a picture with you on your birthday but you and i haven't seen eachother in way too long so i didn't know what to do...then i remembered you made me a shirt with your face on it

then i remembered lots of reasons i love you *
  • i love that you make people shirts with your face on it...and that you wear one too
  • i love that you wore heelies for the majority of our early twenties
  • i love that you married one of my favorite guy friends so i can be best friends with both of you for life
  • i love your guns and roses tattoo you got when you were fifteen by a guy named mush
  • i love that everykind of clothes look good on you (ex:tucked in shirts)
  • i love that you are the only person i trust to belay me when we rock climb even though you are half my size and i love that you are better at rock climbing then 97% of boys ( i haven't met the other three percent im just assuming they have to be out there...i just haven't gotten here yet so haven't run into them)
  • i love that we all took surveys about aliens and abductions from students for no reason at byu idaho
  • i love that my mom says you are the most creative person she knows (i do not love that)
  • i that you can do better butterfly knife tricks then any boy we have met
  • i love that you wrote inmates on death row and have two boxes full of serial killer books that i could only make it halfway through before getting scared every boy i met wanted to murder me
  • i love that you are a master at every creative hobby invented (and that when ours overlap you tell me how good mine is even though yours are always better)
  • i love that you made fun of people who thought their dogs were like humans and now you do too
  • i love all your best fantasy novel recommendations (still love the mistborn series)
  • i love that you say prayers for me
  • i love that people think we are sisters
  • i love that my best friends are your sisters
*this list is in no particular order and is not limited to.


  1. love you
    and this post
    and that were best friends,
    and i wrote inmates for a victimology class, you make me sound craaaazyy, but i did love those books, and son of sam was the best. he was for realz crazy.
    love you!

  2. this is such a cute post. julie is so cute (and so are you...duh).