Wednesday, November 4, 2009

and that's the way it's been

we met summer before 8th grade...we both faint, mumble, and prefer most bugs and animals to humans...we haven't had the best luck with boys in a very parallel kinda way, she was my friend in highschool...which if you've seen the pictures says alot, we ditched school to hang out with bums at the beach *(which she crushed on...but in her defense he was hot), ate salad on halloween, spent more hours writing songs in a walmart parking lot than we ever did in a mall...and she can keep up with my taco bell and csi marathons better than anyone i know...all i know is i am lucky to have another-half-best-friend....who else would tribal dance uncrontrollably around the kitchen island with me so loud the neighbors heard...or try and hide in my bed from my mom and dad (when we were 22?) and think it was so funny?

so when i run out of gas on my own street at 8 in the morning convinced i am about to be kidnapped and put in some persons trunk...
she is the one i call and the one who comes flying to my rescue...

the girl can pretty much breathe under water
jane and aleesha yours are almost done...

* just kidding mom we would never


  1. Kerbie is such a natural under water. I want to try next time!:)

  2. best friends are the best.

    and omgosh these are amazing. gorgeous gorgeous!

  3. I love Kirby. I miss Kirby. So beautiful.

  4. oooo peeeing my pants right now. kirby KILLED it underwater. so utterly beautiful. i'm glad I know Kirby. and not just cause she's so pretty.

  5. these pics of her are so so good.
    miss you

  6. did you take those pics? i love it!

  7. Kirby is fam and we all love her. Great pictures!

    *Moms know more than you'd think