Wednesday, March 24, 2010

sometimes, alot of the time...

dating me can look like this (hair subject to change)

maybe something i should keep to myself till someones stuck but when do i ever make that choice...must be well fed and hydrated for a successful relationship...mostly fed
i was cleaning out my memory cards and found this and starting laughing...i remember this day and remember having this picture taken and laughing when we saw it and hearing what a familiar face this was...cute earring though huh.
i have a ton of catching up to do in here...i have been having adventures and fun things happening but am never updating on here...mostly just beach pools sun and exersize, babies, babysitting, preparing nurseries and hiking and cooking...yup,i said cooking. with a small side of job hunting...this weekend i am head limo bound (first limo ever and such a dream) with a fun group of girls to l.a. to see the play dream girls for emily's girl portion of her birthday extravaganza...which is many a post of its own... i cant wait and promise to start updating on here...pinky swear

and in my own defense that face is usually followed by this one to make up for it....
so lets call it even

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  1. i love both of these faces, but i especially love the bottom one because i have gotten it so many times when you've tried to kiss me! haha. remember how you were always going for my mouth when i would try to kiss you on the cheek :) i was thinking about you today and how happy i am that i have you as a best friend for life.