Thursday, March 11, 2010

dirty pop

real busy weekend...among which we went to galcos...over 500 different kinds of and worth the trip...the owners parents started it....
i left with juices and water...sorry carbonation...that's a no-go..ouch
(also meet emily...she may look nice....but she will kick your butt working out....and then drag it to hot yoga where you will die a very sweaty death)
then i passed my last test and am now an official esthetician...woop! so brynn and i met up and hit the antique mall and farmers market....and dreamt of other countries....


  1. you LOOK GORG in that first pic

    the drinks look fun

    Congrats on passing the test!!!!

    i wanna go to hot yoga

    and the market with you

  2. Excuse me but your hair looks so so so so hot. Giselle is jealous. And your face is pretty. Fact

  3. shauna you look like a freaking model. i am for reals, obsessed with you right now. like... do you want to make out? i can't get over it. you just get hotter and hotter... you're one of those girls. and no i'm not saying any of this to be nice, because lets face it- i'm not nice. i need shauna time too. come up here already.

  4. i saw that soda place in a magazine AFTER we moved back to rexburg and was so sad i didn't know about it when we lived there!! so you should go to tahoe when it is our reunion and we are all there. i'm already trying to get corine to come too. and you do look so stinking hot. stop excersising and not drinking soda. you are making the rest of us regular people look bad.