Thursday, March 18, 2010

i will eat your babies

i hiked six miles to top of the world yesterday(and it is not an easy one...even the girl at the running shoe store was impressed...ya i go to running shoe stores)
and ran 5 miles...and did not make emily slow down one time...or stop...and did it my best pace always helps to have st patrick day celebraters riding their bikes next to you telling you how hot it is that your running and how dedicated you are...and new shoes help especially when i'd been using shoes not even intended to walk long distances...and nothing like a rock of love wannabe to light a fire and get me

if you feel like you dont even know me anymore when you read's ok...i don't either ...(but if i get toned and hot and tan who cares about myself awareness...get real)

*i have been forming a habit of "anouncing" things that may or may not be necassary to deem anouncements...but this is a real one


  1. STOOOOOOP!!!! you are already too hot!

  2. Go you!!! Although, a good bean burrito from taco bell every now and again is the best ever. I hope I'm as dedicated as you after I have this baby!

  3. I'm moving home in June. Can we work out everyday so Im hot for my wedding?
    P.S. Im getting married. Miss you.