Wednesday, March 10, 2010

i claim temporary

i have all sorts of uppers to post
but right now im overtired

and i only just figured out i am grumpy cuz i have been googling and blog stalking and looking at visual lovelies hoping to get inspired...however they are just hurting

and now i am real grossed out, and severely self underwhelmed and soon as i go to bed i will be fine but im like a two year old who is overtired and refuses to believe sleep will fix it ...and that instead i should blog it? of all the things i have been doing this is what i blog?
don't worry i get the same way when i am hungry...but wayyy more kamikaze
but lots of good things to post....if i was a morning person i would do it all before you got up..
add it to the list

in order to fix this (don't you dare say go to bed) i need a: 1.good book...2. shopping****...
3. nicole time..preferably all combined...oh and probably a job
don't comment on will only encourage it
****if i don't buy this ring i will set myself on fire and jump off a cliff...i need it or i will literally stop breathing and my organs will fall out of my body and my skin turn into ash and my lungs fill with molten lava(just before they fall out)....and this reaction has nothing to do with needing sleep and i will not go to bed and no i did not exersize today
in other news a boy recently told me he couldn't picture me getting mad...
oh boy oh boy...

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