Tuesday, January 25, 2011

like wu told me

so my dad's company got some funding that was long awaited for...so we thought he deserved a party...homemade icecream,homemade chocolate and caramel sauce and the new sale lattes bowls with some dolla dolla bills made a welcome home for him...and a very fun night...followed by some dance off 2 and money business themed pictionary  of course

also if it looks like we worship money i will politely deny that...however did ur mom teach you this song as a child?
i dont care if he's short fat or tall
i don't care if he's handsome at all
i don't care if he's drunk or corroded (?!)
just gimme a man who is
loaded with money money loaded with money
loaded with money money loaded with money
(and maybe it sounds like a russian drinking game tune)
cuz mine sure did

1 comment:

  1. i LOVE your FAMILY!

    that was such a fun lil party. and oh so tasty too!

    that song, hilarious. i'll have to ask lori to sing it to me sometime.