Friday, January 21, 2011

but what if i eat them?

that is really the only concern i have about ordering these for myself...heres the thing...i am big on smells
top five no particualr order except the first one
  • comet...if i didn't know from world wide web authority it would burn my insides from top to bottom i would eat it...i crave throat chalking mouth watering right now just thinking of it...but for the record abhor the lemon fresh kind
  • rain or pool water on pavement...preferably very parched pavement...i also love it on asphalt and hay driving through idaho during a flash storm
  • the wet room in a pottery room...or the whole pottery room
  • vanilla(raw), violet, roses,rose water,  patchouli...(but the good high quality patchouli incense kinda smells like raindirt...that's a word) im not gonna keep going but i could (grapefruit, sandal wood, vetiver, lavendar)
  • dirt and chalkboards...i know im doomed as a pregnant lady
so any ways this is going somehwere (atleast more then my friday night apparently is) i saw these soaps and i feel like i have to have in neeeed them ....
they are so my head it will be like washing in a shower of clays and soil and i cant think of anything better (except the body scrub maile just made me but that deserves it's own post)...
i think i will buy it for myself for valentines...i deserve it...i even want to eat these pictures...i have a thing for anything crumbled...this post is leading me to believe i have an iron defficiency
 also they have all sorts of non clay and dirt ones too just if u wanted something more feminine smelling
oh and i found it here


  1. i love all your updates, i checked your blog a million times waiting for them. i want to talk to you as i feel like it's been a million years since we have. i'll call soon. miss you.

  2. Did you know I had to throw away any chalk I had in both my mom's and my house bc I wanted to eat it? Really, I did.