Wednesday, January 19, 2011

i think it was the best night of my life

over dinner
me: i think that was the best night of my life
teen: omelette night?
me: ya
teen: ya it was the best night of our lives
  •  we came home from holiday shopping( the kind where you are hiding in isles from a boy that you do not want to run into...and if you have to run into not here looking tlike this ya know?...unless he saw us then we deny it and were too busy to notice a mere ten almost run ins) and it was festive and funny
  • it was raining the perfect amount
  • christmas lights in my neighborhood deserve their own post
  • it needs to be said that my brother in law was here...and he is a master meals between him and lori are basically the reason behind my last ten pounds
so that ground being layed....we enter the house to gourmet hot chocolate and handmade williams sonoma marshmallows...homemade caramel sauce...chocolate shavings, cayenne pepper... and the best cookies that teen still refers to as remember that cookie?
we were served this and had cozy chat (joys of being the youngest)
then we commenced to blankets and a fire and watching father of the bride two while the rain pitter pattered outhside the huge window tight next to us...ok so there wan't a fire but there could have been and it sounded good
we only made it to openning credits and when we saw the eggs baing fried in a pan realized all we needed in life was an egg treat
so my brother in law of all time made us the best "vacation omelette" egg treats we have ever had...they have to be called that because nothing is better then food on vacation and these were that good
we were then  able to enjoy the classic movie... i think they are both so funny and fall asleep to thunder and wake up sunday to a perfect cozy drizzle sabbath

** so maybe it's weird that this is like the longest post i have ever written and it's about pretty much nothing....but i know all of my close friends can seee why this is the best night....and if you dont get probably never will...harsh maybe....but true friends know cozy


  1. haha. i am dyyying over this post. twas the best night ever. cozy to the MAX. i dream of that cookie. that omelet. that hot chocolate. aaand father and the bride is one of my favorite movies. ya, it was a perfect night.

    thank you bro in law and lori for the treatsies.

  2. kristine has told me about this night and that omelet multiple times. and i'm jealous every time. i want what that whole night was made of. cozy please.

  3. nice descriptions shauna. i almost felt like i was i'm a little depressed that i was not. it's sounds wonderfully cozy!

  4. I wish I could make good omelettes. I really really wish my wife would make really good omelettes. I would settle for my local sister in law or her friend to make really good omelettes. The sister in law's friend's brother in law is just too much of a stretch for it to benefit me.