Thursday, July 2, 2009

i know i know i have been slacking...but since i am sickly in bed i can finally post up...unfortunatley i have no pieces i feel like posting but i have been up to:

working for this skin care line...which i happen to love so it is fun to work with...did i mention jessica alba paris, nicole and helena christiansen all use it? oh.

wanna facial?

and summer has finally hit utah!!! and i have already gotten burnt twice, dont think im gonna let u stay tanner than me britt.... so obviously i needed a new swim suit...and dave i promise i was dilligently searching one pieces but then farah fawcett died so i accidentally bought which i have a new goal of being real tan so it looks cute on (and due to recent said burns i may be tanner than this thats good...but i may not be...maybe)

and julie got married and it was so so so fun to have all my favorite people around...and sarah...just teasing...are we not ready to joke about it yet? i only say it cuz i consider u a bestie too...

and i am really excited cuz i am gonna go to idaho and have nicole do my hair and stuff and play so in just a few days i will look just like this...right nicole?


  1. haha. are you getting extensions?

    that girl was crazy in transformers

  2. Well if we're throwing around the friendly insults...then spell my name right! :) I really REALLY love the piece of art in the post above...I really want it.

  3. dear shauna,
    i love you and your art and your face