Monday, July 27, 2009

eeny mo mighty meeny

i am creative and talented and its not to late to really focus and go somewhere with it..... right?
but if i did where would i even start?...i feel slumpish and like i have let to much time pass not expounding on my talents and meeting people in fields im interested and now i feel behind and frustrated like i wouldn't even know where to start...and like i have lost so much of is not riding a bike...i need a jumpstart please


  1. don't get frustrated shauna. i think every artist goes through slumps.

    what is inspiring you lately?

  2. I think you would be crazy NOT to pursue your artistic talents further. You're crazy good at what you do. I'm still waiting for a SHauna Morse original to put in my house...

  3. oh my gosh you're only twenty-cough-something! you're not fifty! you have all the time in the world.... and if i can write a book, you can be an artist. you can do anything you want... including being a fergie-esque entertainer (and I would be your personal hairstylist/makeup artist/blogger).

  4. thanks..i know it sounded so whiny...i just get frustrated that i get so lazy and neeever utilize time...