Sunday, July 12, 2009

go shorty

cuz it is still your birthday...

thanks for being a radical lifer...

love you more than words...and i really like words

this picture was takien by maddy lucas...and everyone needs to go see the show...i can honestly say i havent been this impressed with a photo concept in years...or atleast a real long time ...i loved her idea...called the great outdoors and she created outdoor scenes indoors...that description doesn't do much justice but check it jealous i didnt think of it first!! and it was just what i needed to remind me that i love to take pictures!!!


  1. love the pic... you need to visit soon!

  2. Shauna! This is so nice of you, I really appreciate all the kind words. I hope you are doing well, and I love reading your blog. Thanks for mentioning me on here!

  3. what a pretty birthday girl.

    i'm obsessin over that photo concept. well executed. papke, willard, and corine are my favs for obvious reasons.