Friday, September 3, 2010

st. who?

all day long at work people tell me to do whatever i think with their makeup...
it's a lie...they know exactly how they want their makeup to look...
so teen being the teendream she is, let me take my stress out on her face (not quite as de-stressing as taking it out on a boys face...but much more productive...just joshing mom) she didn't even bat an eye when she saw me dipping black for lips, red and purple for eyes or mixing bronze shimmers with lotions and applying liberally to the whole face...or even question smudging her mascara under her eyes in utter wrecklessness..k maybe she questioned that one...

the funny thing is its such crummy lighting you cant really tell what the makeup looks like...but she's so pretty and her hair color is new and just putting pretty things out into the're welcome world
thanks for being such a good canvas teen
ps. i know how to do normal makeup also...just a disclaimer


  1. pretty pretty kristine. that curly mess of a hair is my fave. you can have your way with my face anytime too! you got a knack for makeup and all beauty.

  2. Kind of disappointed Kristine didn't come home looking like that.

  3. will you come do my makeup? i'm in desperate need plus i love you and wanna see you