Thursday, September 30, 2010


the high price of free babysitting?

just kidding we just take halloween seriously around here and i firmly believe holidays should be celebrated all month long
other things i learned while babysitting:
  • McDonalds is bad for you (say what??)
  • the force is real because you can use it to make your line in disneyland go faster then the one next to you
  • i'mgoing to be a really cool mom (albeit this was told during a trip to yogurtland on the way home from the dentist)
  • it's actually really cool that i get to live with grandma and grandpa and have access to all the best toys all the time (word)
  • a day can be the best day ever when you see a truck pull out of the gas station with the pump still attached in the car and drive off with it then come return it...simple pleasures


  1. those boys kill me! so adorable. you are the coolest aunt ever/going to be the coolest mom ever.

    will u babysit me? yogurtland, disneyland, dress up, make over, etc etc.

  2. can you please come out here to do my halloween makeup?

  3. I wish I could have seen the gas pump mishap. As a kid, a car ran into the fire hydrant across the street. Might have been the best day EVER.

  4. hey blogger babe-i didn't know about you. here we are. bloggin bitches.