Monday, February 23, 2009

i'll bet you think this blog is about you

nothing is better for me than a night alone at home in my huge, grubby sweats with my colored pencils and sharpies...and obviously taco bell (i almost left it out cuz it's such a given)its my comfort zone must. it's my detox recipe for increasing social anxiety and lets be honest, lack of social demands.
this drawing is a product of such a night ...backround is sharpie and pastels and the girl colored pencil and ink


  1. it is unbelievable to me how talented you are. i wish i was there in sweats with you, listening to JT in the car on the way to taco bell. love you! keep up the frequent blogging- i love love it!!

  2. Ughhhhhhhhhhhh

    I can't believe I haven't thought of that title for a blog before... you're a genius and that picture is AMAZING... I can't believe we're friends and I didn't know how talented you actually are.

  3. Rad! I love it.

    and thank you for blogging!

  4. coco that just made me miss you so so badly!!!

  5. I'm sorry...WHAT?!? Is this a joke?- now your long, lean, and talented! We need market you. I had no idea. What are you doing going to face school??? Besides coming home to give me my weekly facials and eyelash extensions.