Tuesday, February 24, 2009

check that little pitcher out

so on saturday i got a chance to help out shooting little league softball games with egofoto. it was such a different experience than anything i have ever done in photography before...i mean seriously hold still for one second and when you catch a ball can you please smile with eyes open?but i completely loved it because i think its those kind of things that really make you grow and help technique that you can apply to your other work...plus it was

pretty entertaining(some of their songs are so mean!)...

not to mention i got to use dave's rad lens..

and get to talk shop and get advice from him!

(and he let help despite my lack of experience and sense of direction)

serioulsy? how do you point a camera away from this girl?


  1. well done shauna. Saylor is the cutest. i'm biased. the chubby girl getting pegged!!! hahaha. You have some great shots. i like the picture of that girl getting ready for a grounder.

  2. the little girl playing infield is about the cutest thing i've ever seen after you.

  3. like i even know whats infield...if u mean the bottom one it is jane and kristines niece...so so cute

  4. Cooool. Love the purple hair/balloon one... nice work.

  5. I thought you said you were PLAYINg softball on sat- this makes much more sense. You need to stop being so talented and making me feel like a loser.