Tuesday, September 23, 2014


i Loved Loved my wedding day. since Jake came in from hong kong the day before and would only have two days with his family before we left on our honeymoon we decided to do a very family oriented and intimate day. we got married in  the afternoon in the newport temple and had  a family dinner in the five crowns restaurant in the green house... it was such a great day, my friend david bourne took our temple photos and  my photographer for the rest was Cinthya Nunez ( who did film and digital) who i became friends with in high school (and actually introduced me to my love of photography and art) and my videographer was lex and her husband loren who i have been friends with since college.  i didn't post all the days photos but here are some of my favorite bits 
 i did my makeup and lindsey did my hair...
i made the headpiece out of an old necklace that julie gave me.
my dress i found while visiting lindsey in seattle and we found as a display in an old vintage home store 
we lucked out and had a perfect warm dry day in january 

Jenn (look up her stuff at the trim shoppe) made me 100 of these beautiful hand folded and hand sewn stars.. she used pages of love stories and one chinese cookbook 
it was perfect to dance under and even tied into our first dance song ....
we didn't do cake or bouquet tossing, or any other dancing even  we kinda skipped  the traditional wedding activities but i have always loved first dances and loved dancing under these 

i love rocks i love love rocks...and my brother in law alex hand sawed all of these river rocks we collected in oregon and made place card holders out of them!! 

i dont' know how to flip that picture 

my sister Moriah handmade all of these soaps (with the help of her goat) to use as favors ...i stamped linen bags with the date and we used them for people to find their tables she made my two favorite kinds charcoal and  goat milk and honey (and the kids got candy) 
and did i mention i love love rocks? my sister moriah also hand crotcheted the most beautiful river rocks to put on each of the tables . she pretty much made the whole wedding with her talents
i basically wanted my wedding to look like fern gully with tons of candles so we saved up milk jars and turned them into terrariums for candle holders and emily lent us antlers from her husbands families farm for all of the tables!
i basically turned the day into a my favorite things party, leafs, rocks, bones, candles and jake 

my flowers were done by my talented friend Aubrey Laidlaw and we  used beautiful vintage trophy pots for the centerpieces (from Tuvalu in laguna beach) 
and some of the crackle pots from anthropologie
since it was in a green house i didn't want any colors  besides tons of greenery 

see fern gulley!! 
 my mom and sisters with the help of jaymi and emily 
set everything up so so beautifully. I wish i could eat at this table everyday of my life.

we did a first dance and had the dads toast and then just ate!   even though there were a lot of people i would have loved to have had around us that day, with how little time jake had there and the fact that i would be moving across the globe right after i am so glad we did our day this way.  it was perfectly cozy and magical 
and of course i couldn't have done a wedding without my mom by my side!! 
all hail queen lori

he's just so handsome 
  i also want to post photos of the beautiful invitations that bethany did but i need to take photos of them first! (i love them so much i'm getting frames made for them in china) 
and the night before we got married instead of doing a rehearsal dinner we did a big family pizza and donut party at our house so the families could get to know eachother. 
it was the best marriage i've ever done.


  1. By far the best wedding day for one of my favorites. Love this. Love you.

  2. I'm sooooo glad you posted!!! Love every single detail!!! You looked so beautiful and the day sounds truly perfect. Love you!

  3. I love this! I've been dieing to see/hear something, anything about your special day. It really is picture perfect but of course you know that :p I think about you often, Miss you madly!! X

  4. i want more photos!!!! I really want to see your bridals! It really was such a great wedding, and it was sooo you!!!! Love you! Miss you!

  5. I'm so glad you posted about this day- with photos!! You need to plan things professionally. Thanks again for thinking of me for the invites- so fun.

  6. Very pretty and creative wedding decorations! :)

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