Tuesday, September 13, 2011

the suite life

not quite ready for summer to end ...i feel i need to sneak in a few more weekends like these...and amuch sronger base tan

i have had one girl talk of a summer...
i am thankful for good friends and beach days, and friends that let me tag along on fun trips, summer night girl talks...bikerides, summer recipes, swimming, laying out, roadtripping beaching, angels games ...its been a good summer...im not ready for it to be over and niether is my base tan
i didnt really have alot of girlfriends (by not alot i mean kirby) once i moved to southern california in jr. high until college so i love having this time to enjoy all the girl experiences..just fyi...


  1. Feel so honored that Grey and I made your post! We miss you and so glad we got to catch up while I was home:)

  2. LOVE All of this with You! LYLACS <3