Monday, July 25, 2011


so it was my dad's bday this past week and we decided to do a harry potter dinner for him (for the kids?) everyone dressed up (i knew the long sleeve long black craft like jersey dress was a smart purchase)  my brother showed up in a weird thermal outfit, glasses and a wand and insisted he was a dead harry potter... we made an extensive home made butterbeer recipe and all my garage sale finds turned out to look surprisingly hogwartian all placed on a table...oh and of course my brother brought his fog machine...still not sure how he came to own one...and it was complete with floating candles the idea of which i got from mary and may have started the whole thing


  1. this is SO cool! well done lori and shauna! that cake looks tasty tasty! recipe? and butter beer..neverheard.

  2. I WANNA BE A MORSE!!!!!! this is the coolest party family dinner theme thing i've ever seen. and the pictures. blow me away.