Tuesday, December 14, 2010

by day

so lately by night i am a celine dion christmas album listening treat eating christmas crafter...and i feel real good about it...

most of these ideas i ripped from other blogs...and i found these cute print on tags to go w the clay ornaments me and teen stamped...to whom i owe thanks from saving me from turning country while crafting alone

i may have gotten a little excited about my nephews coming and made a little festivity for there room...i loved the birds with the letters it made it more boyish

also when not crafting i have become obsessed with organizing ...and i think egg cartons for earrings is my new favorite....i love the texture they have...and they are free with only a dozen eggs
also i would like to post links to where i ripped ideas from and got the printable ornaments...but i can't be logged into google reader and my blog at the same time...so plese dont sure me for not referencing...just teach me how to fix that problem instead? thanks


  1. that cake is the most gorgeous thing i've ever seen. can i taste it? can you make me one? can we open a bakery?

    iwantyourlife. craft all day. anthro all night. jeez.

    ps. you really do need to site your sources. so open another window and copy paste.

  2. Ditto on all that. I need links so I can rip yours off. Thanks! (Hi, it's me, Kate.)

  3. Can we craft together when I am home? I love it all:)

  4. so cute shauna! you did such a great job!