Wednesday, July 21, 2010

seven year itch

hide the scissors

about five (7,5,whats the diff) i decided i wanted long blondish rooty hair...i think i decided right when nicole was cutting my hair to look like twiggy's in the kitchen with sewing shears...everytime i finally get it longer and lighter i maybe accidentaly do something dye it magenta(not on purpose...also noones fault) or dark, or chop it, or cut bangs wayy to short and blunt for my poor face or end up with a trim that turns into buzzed panels and a pixiecut...
i figured i'd better get a picture up just to prove i did it...before i ruin it anyways
the end


  1. nice work shauna. you hair is beaut. always always.

    and i love this pic of you and janer. twinners for sure.

  2. holy hotness hairs. both of you. i'm dying.

  3. your hair wins every time.