Tuesday, June 15, 2010

my thai

on the airport floor of taiwan...trying to sleep
layover in between a fourteen hour flight and the next five hour stint...hello time warp

sleeper ferry...before it filled up...u ferry all night

ferry took us here ...then take a taxi to a bus to a ferry to the island

our favorite "bartender" best fruit smoothies ever...and cutest girlcrush...kwang...she even gave us earrings...i miss her

sunset on koh tao...no photoshop...just that pretty
i called these tub boats..just little fiber glass tubs they paddled around everywhere in

a split magicians assistant me...in some market mid jungle after elaphant trekking...dont worry that my elephant 'driver' was sloshed at ten in the morning and practically dragging me off the elephant


  1. unbelievable. remarkable. My fave shots are the airport floor and the super fly bartender. Thanks for posting beautiful pictures.

  2. Oh my! Koh Tao! Love that place!
    Spent 10days there some years ago & it were some of the best days ever.

  3. Looks incredible! I hope you are enjoying yourself. P.S. I thought of you last night when we were watching how it's made (Taylor likes boring television) and they were making umbrellas. I thought of your clear umbrella and how you would talk and then put the umbrella over your head and go silent like it was soundproof...AWESOME!

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