Wednesday, May 5, 2010

sawadee kah

in thailand heres the update:

we fall asleep at 7 every night and wake up at 2 in the morning with nothing to do but watch weird foriegn tv and eat 711 food
its kinda like being in hot yogo ...but all the time...dont worry mom i havent fainted yet but anything with sleeves just ain't happenin
there has been monkey holding elaphant riding plane friend making (in a safe non taken way) beach laying beach eating (corn on the cob!!! start selling it in america on the beach with nothin but salt and you will be a billionare!)
we constantly get ripped off...something about three white girls yells sucker...but its still pretty cheap and we are moving to koh tao tommorow so should get better we turned into hippies in abt two mintutes flat and just took our first shower....mind you after being on an 18 hr plane ride two hour bus ride night in bangkok and two hour ferry and two days on the beach...yup

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  1. oh yay! keep updating... i want to see all of your trip!