Wednesday, February 3, 2010

dear exersize, i hate you

saturday: six mile hike with kirby...a steep six miles i may a little mini night hike

sunday:all three hours of church...which i consider an exercise...of faith

monday: ran a mile and a half on in big hills not just some flat mile and a half

tuesday: ran the same mile and a half trail and swam laps at the community pool

today: six mile sunset hike with kirby to top of the world
take that what
also watching the biggest loser made me cry...or maybe it is just 'cause i am so sore..or maybe cuz i miss taco bell


  1. i wanna hike with you!!!!!
    i am proud shauna!! Way to Go! You are lucky you get to run outside in January/February. It's impossible here-disgusting air and mostly freezing.

  2. church is most certainly exercise. for me it's an exercise of restraint against punching annoying people in the face. have you tried the fresco stuff off of the menu at taco bell? i had a taco off of it the other day and it was pretty tasty.